The WAVE’s Soulful Summer Concert Series with War / Blackstreet: Details Here


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California Vaccine Requirement Bill Gets First Public Debate

SACRAMENTO ( — A bill requiring California schoolchildren to get vaccinated will receive its first public hearing Wednesday after similar efforts to limit exemptions in Washington and Oregon failed to advance. The California Senate health […]


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Actress Angelina Jolie Reveals She Had Preventative Surgery To Remove Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes

LOS ANGELES ( — Actress Angelina Jolie announced Monday she has had another preventive surgery after a doctors found a small benign tumor on one of her ovaries. The 39-year-old wrote in The New York Times she had her […]


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Study: Ancient ‘Power Pose’ Posture Trend Helps Modern Americans With Confidence, Stress

STUDIO CITY ( — It is fitting that Los Angeles, with its yoga and health-conscious culture, would be the center of a new phenomenon centered around specific postures experts say may majorly influence confidence, stress […]


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Coffee Supposedly Helps Liver Damage From Cocktails

By Nadia Noir Booze and coffee. Liquid gold to the modern man. When you’re struggling with the physical symptoms of one, the other gives a helping hand. The old ’50s adage of a cup of […]


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Get The Truth About These Six Breast Cancer Myths

As a woman, hearing about your risks of cancer can be pretty scary. But there have been great leaps and bounds in cancer research and many morbid reporting of cancer risk are only applicable to a small […]


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Everything You Need To Know About Breast Cancer

What should you know about breast cancer to help keep you healthy?


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A 222 Pound Weight Loss Journey

By Alexa Smith I started with CBS radio back in 2006 in San Francisco and our building housed five radio stations; on the top floor was the TV station, KPIX where a friendly woman named […]


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The Truth About Fibroids With Dr. Bruce McLucas

May is Women’s Health Care Month so we thought it would be timely to focus on a major women’s health issue that affects millions of women around the world. One out of every four women […]


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Plus Sized Woman Proudly Shows Off Her Body On Hollywood Blvd.

Living in Los Angeles, we’re far too familiar with the obsession of having that “perfect body.”   Unfortunately, especially in Hollywood, people are judged on their size and appearance, probably more so than anywhere else in […]


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A Wake Up Call for Diabetes in America

By Taylor Nelson Today, March 25th is American Diabetes Association Alert Day. It’s a courtesy “wake-up call” to raise awareness and prevention techniques about the disease. Out of the 26 million children and adults who […]