The WAVE’s Soulful Summer Concert Series with War / Blackstreet: Details Here


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Get The Truth About These Six Breast Cancer Myths

As a woman, hearing about your risks of cancer can be pretty scary. But there have been great leaps and bounds in cancer research and many morbid reporting of cancer risk are only applicable to a small […]



LA Ranked 19th Fittest City In America

LOS ANGELES ( — The City of Angels is the 19th fittest city in America. The American College of Sports Medicine unveiled its seventh annual list ranking the 50 largest cities Wednesday. Riverside ranked 28th in the nation, with […]


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How Beyonce Lost The Baby Weight After Blue Ivy

Supermom Beyoncé Knowles is finally spilling the beans on how she snapped back into tip-top shape in just three months after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy last January. The singer covers the April issue […]


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Top 20 Cute Clothing Items For Working Out

[photogallerylink id=138382] How are your New Year’s resolutions to work out more, ahem, working out? Are you totally unmotivated by the utilitarian or basic fashion that comes along with sweating out the bad stuff? Well, […]


10 Foods That Can Help You Sleep And Relieve Stress

If you are like a majority of the population, you have trouble sleeping. Stress, poor diet, caffeine, and just plain genetics can disturb your sleeping patterns. Don’t try popping a sleeping pill until you’ve mastered […]


5 Common-Sense Easy To Follow Diet Rules

It may seem cliché to resolve at the start of the new year to get healthy, but honestly, putting out any positive energy towards restoring and rejuvenating your health is better than snacking on junk food and maintaining most […]


Tips For A Magically Slimmer Waist (Minus The Inevitable Gym)

Ugh, we know. Holidays are fantastic for food frenzies; you can shove random treats in your mouth that normally would never cross your lips. But–not shockingly– your hips will hate you! There’s nothing wrong with a little faking […]


Does Milk Really Do A Body Good?

You are probably going to pour Santa a cool, creamy glass of milk for his Christmas cookies; We’ve all been told that milk does a body good. But does it really? Despite the milky, murky […]


Secrets To Why You May Have Insomnia

  People always blame insomnia on tons of mundane factors like stress, diet, and caffeine. But you may be suffering from bigger health concerns. Check out these reasons for poor sleep, plus the ways that […]


Get The Truth About Eating Soy

There has been a lot of conflicting information circulating about the exact health implications of foods made from soy products like tofu, soymilk, and vegetarian meat options. One school of thought is that soy is […]