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What Is Ello & Why Should You Care?

By Ramon Gonzales If you’ve seen talk about a new Anti-Facebook Facebook called Ello and wonder what the deal was, we’ve got the all the reasons people are raving about the new social media hub. We […]


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Facebook Celebrates It’s 10th Birthday With Personal ‘A Look Back’ Videos

Today (Feb. 4) Facebook celebrates 10 years since it first launched the internet changing social media platform. It was back in 2004 that Mark Zuckerberg began a journey that would make him one of the […]


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App Allows You To See How Much Time You’re Wasting On Facebook

If you’re on Facebook you undoubtedly had days when you felt like you’d fallen into a black hole. Hours go by before you know it and you really hate to think about how much time […]


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Most Checked-In Spots Around SoCal

Have you checked-in to any of these popular spots in SoCal? See the most popular Facebook check-ins of the year!


Tom Hanks, Mark Zuckerberg, Grace and Me

In the middle of 2010, Facebook surpassed Google and claimed the mantle of the most visited, viewed, and talked about site on the World Wide Web.  You wonder if there really is an iconic LED ticker counting the hits in the […]


The Average Facebook User’s Habits

This week, Facebook celebrated its seventh birthday on February 4, and the social networking service that started out as a site for Harvard students has now grown into a world-wide phenomenon. So how often do […]


Peak Seasons For Breakups According to Facebook

Just about everyone nowadays has their own personal Facebook profile — even Queen Elizabeth II of England has her own page on the social networking site. Our personal profiles allow us to share our thoughts, photos and updates […]


Pat & Kim Poll: Have You Ever Bribed Your Children To Do Something?

It’s hard to get your older children to follow directions, do their chores or alter a behavior without offering a little…motivation. One mother in South Carolina even went so far to offer her college-aged daughter $300 if […]


Pat & Kim’s Tips To Spend Less Time on Facebook

We all want to stay in the loop with our close friends, and for most, Facebook is the easiest and most convenient way to stay in touch, but it can be an extreme time sucker. […]


6 Things You Should Never Reveal on Facebook

Facebook is a fun tool for connecting with old friends, keeping up with our friend’s lives and children, and communicating with our favorite long distance kinsfolk, but there are a few major drawbacks to putting […]




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