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Crazy Clip Of The Week

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Pat & Kim’s Crazy Clip Of The Week: ‘Dancing Queen’ Treadmill Workout

It’s the week after Thanksgiving, and like many who indulged a bit too much on the turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, a trip to the gym might be in order. Once you see this […]


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Dad Plays Notorious B.I.G. To Stop Baby’s Crying

Parents will try just about anything and everything to sooth their baby’s cries, but you’re never sure what will trigger that calming silence. One dad found the perfect trick to put a stop to his […]


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The Best Father-Daughter Wedding Dance…Ever!

It’s tough for any father to cut ties from his daughter and give her hand over to the man she’ll spend the rest of her life with,  but this energetic father-daughter duo really knew how […]


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Pat & Kim’s Crazy Clip Of The Week: Surfer Almost Swallowed By Whale!

You never know what’s lurking beneath you when you’re swimming in the ocean, and this surfer and kayaker were taken by surprise when a huge whale jumped out of the water and almost swallowed them […]


Photo: YouTube

Pat & Kim’s Crazy Clip Of The Week: Antelope Takes Down Mountain Biker

You’ve never seen anything quite like this latest viral video making the rounds on the web this morning. One unsuspecting mountain biker gets a surprise of a lifetime while riding on trails in South Africa […]