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WAVE Weekend Host ‘Moonlights’ on TRUE DETECTIVE

When I’m not on The WAVE you can find me auditioning for commercials and working small parts and background roles in television, student, low-budget, and even some big budget theatrical movies all under the jurisdiction […]


The 10th Annual Lummis Day Festival

I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to spend quality time with the family on weekends, and my friend TV reporter Hal Eisner suggested this one since he’s going to be a host there on Sunday. […]


James Franco: For Every Parent Trying to Understand Their College-Age Child

Parents, despite my own rearing and conditioning, I have come to believe some lives are just meant to be lived in a non-linear fashion. If you can’t fathom the needs and behaviors of your college-age […]


#TBT: Brenda Russell Visits The WAVE

My Throwback Thursday memory is from a visit by Brenda Russell, one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters, whose masterpieces include “Piano in the Dark” and “Get Here” which became an anthem for our troops in […]


Meet Me At The Greek…Festival In Long Beach!

Join us Labor Day Weekend at the 64th Grecian Festival by the Sea, also known as the Long Beach Greek Festival, and you can rejoice like a “Greek” for a day…or three!


It’s Lucky #7 For The Annual L.A. Greek Film Festival!

We love movies, domestic and international, at the WAVE. Well, here’s something to celebrate! It’s your ticket to four days of bliss: the 7th Annual L.A. Greek Film Festival Thursday, June 6th through Sunday, June […]


Mike Sakellarides Broadcasts Live From Disneyland

Last Friday, The WAVE’s Mike Sakellarides was live on location from the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ to celebrate Disneyland’s Monstrous Summer All-Nighter at the park! [Photos: Mike Sakellarides Broadcasts Live from Disneyland] During his broadcast, […]


“Please And Thank You” OC Greek Fest Style!

Years ago on a bus tour to the ancient Greek ruins north of Athens we stopped at a little taverna in the countryside for lunch.  Many of us were Americans with a few “Brits” and […]


Re-kindling Burbank’s Holiday Flame!

Join Mike Sakellarides and The WAVE this Saturday to kick off a month-long of free holiday celebrations in Burbank!


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