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Maggie McKay Saw Savion Glover Perform, And She Was Blown Away!

Whether you’re into tap dancing or not, if you EVER get a chance to see Savion Glover  perform… RUN don’t walk to wherever he’s performing!

94.7 The WAVE–07/20/2017

Today Is National Loving Day!

Today is National Loving Day and if you aren’t familiar with it, you want to read more.

94.7 The WAVE–06/13/2017

10-Year Old Donates Thousands Of Comic Books To Military Base

10-Year Old Donates Thousands Of Comic Books To Military Base. Find out how he got them all!

94.7 The WAVE–05/11/2017

50 Years Ago the First Woman Ran In the Boston Marathon

50 years ago a woman was attacked on the Boston Marathon route for…wait for it…


Stevie Wonder Says He’d Build LOVE Bombs If He Were President

Saturday at the ASCAP Expo Stevie Wonder got political and said if he were president he’d build LOVE bombs!


Ed Sheeran Creates Magical Experience for Crowd in Dublin

So it’s already pretty apparent how much audiences around the world LOVE Ed Sheeran but this week he performed in Dublin to sold out crowds and one reviewer (yes female) is calling the experience an “out of body” event and magical.


Turns Out John Legend Is A Comedian As Well

Just when it seems impossible that John Legend couldn’t have MORE talents than he already does, turns out he’s a comedian too…

94.7 The WAVE–04/04/2017

Lenny Kravitz To Perform Prince Tribute

You might want to get to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center April 7th for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

94.7 The WAVE–03/29/2017

‘Time’ Magazine Lists The Most Mispronounced Words For 2016

Do you even know when you’re not pronouncing a word or name correctly?


The Hottest Christmas Toys for 2016

See what’s on the list!


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