Texas Town Gets A Selfie Statue That No One Wanted

By Carlos Delgado

Once upon a time, when a town would erect a statue, it would be of someone or something that held cultural or historical significance. The city founder, for example, or perhaps a statue of a famous artist who grew up there.

But this is 2016, and those days are long gone. Instead, Sugar Land’s new statue in front of city hall is of two girls taking a selfie together.

Naturally, reactions to the new “artwork” were mixed. And by mixed, we mean people hated it. One twitter user @TeamParrot33 criticized the use of taxpayers dollars:

Others were offended by the mere concept of the statue:

What many don’t realize, however, is that the statue was privately donated to Sugar Land by resident Sandy Levin, and will eventually be part of a collection of 10 statues that “will be of people representing activities that occur in the Square,” according to Mashable.com.

Hey, at least no tax payer dollars were used, right?


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