Holly Bachman of The Mixed Roots Foundation Talks Adoption

For Holly Bachman, The Mixed Roots Foundation is a personal mission. She was adopted when she was only three, had a wonderful life, and decided to do something to help the children and families involved in foster care and adoption by providing post adoption services, mentoring and DNA testing. May is National Foster Care Month so the organization, which is now five years old, is celebrating on Tuesday May 25th with the fourth annual Dodgers Adoptee Night. We talked to Holly about starting Mixed Roots, the game at Dodger Stadium and a whole lot more.

Holly was born in Korea and adopted by a white family in Minnesota when she was only three years old. She went to Korea for the first time when she was sixteen to learn about her roots and culture. Thirty years later, she went back and visited the orphanage where she was born. On this trip, Holly realized that there was a great need for post adoption services and decided to do something about it by starting the Mixed Roots Foundation to promote adoption and foster care awareness. They have two core initiatives: mentoring and DNA testing.

DNA testing is helping adoptees to reunite with their birth families and to learn more about their family health backgrounds. It’s really about identity, diversity and unity in the foster/adoption community. Holly says over a hundred million people in the US are touched by adoption.

Holly wants Mixed Roots to be a resource for adoptive parents, especially for trans-racial experiences. One of the biggest issues is being raised by people who don’t look like you. There were challenges for Holly growing up because her brother was picked on for having an Asian sister. Holly feels grateful and blessed to have her family. When you’re adopted your parents have to go through a lot to get you so in many cases you’re very much wanted and loved by that adoptive family.

All of the families involved in this process are important – the birth family, the foster family and the adoptive family. We talked about some famous adoptees who have helped the mission of the Mixed Roots Foundation, including producer George Lucas and Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier. Last year Mixed Roots took a thousand children to the Dodgers game on Dodgers Adoptee Night.

This year Holly wants to up the ante. The fourth annual Dodgers Adoptee Night is happening on Tuesday May 24th at Dodger Stadium and ET’s Kevin Frazier will be there throwing out the first pitch to his son Tony who was given up for adoption when Kevin was just a teenager. They eventually reunited, Kevin helped to send his son to college and today, Tony is a broadcaster just like his famous Dad. The Wave family has stepped up to the plate to help send some of these children to the game and it looks like Mixed Roots has reached its goal.

To find out how you can give ongoing support to the Mixed Roots Foundation, visit www.MixedRootsFoundation.org.

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