The Top 3 Fittest Cities in the USA 2016

For the third year in a row, our nation’s capital has been chosen as the fittest city in the country. The American Fitness Index ranked the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the country, and D.C. came out on top. What helped keep it there?

Its low smoking rate and amount of recreational facilities and walking trails. Just behind D.C. came Minneapolis and Denver. The study noted that people who live in the top three fittest cities in the country all tend to walk more because they use public transportation and have more access to parks for recreation. And people in Minneapolis-St. Paul are even known to cross country ski and kayak to work on the many lakes. Denver residents come also shush their way into work if they live in the mountainous suburbs.

So what city has the distinction of coming in dead last in terms of fitness? (Hint: It rhymes with Minneapolis, almost.) You’re right! Indianapolis, Indiana. Which may have the worst fitness factor, but definitely the best city nickname. Why? Because “Indy”, like you, means independent, or one of a kind. And if “Indy” were an animal, it would no doubt be a tiny kitten you can fit in your pocket. While you don’t go jogging.

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