Guordan Banks Talks First Big Break, Family Influence and More

Guordan Banks is A New Artist You’ll Want to Keep In Mind

You probably have heard us playing his hot new original composition on The WAVE. The song is called “Keep You In Mind” and the artist is Guordan Banks, an unusual young man with an unusual name. He’s easy to like and even easier to listen to. We invited him to The WAVE so we could get to know him better and to share that conversation with you.

Guordan grew up in the city of Brotherly Love, home to a long list of famous musicians. His Mom moved to Virginia Beach, taking Guordan along though his heart remained in Philly. When he finished school and got a job at Geico, his Mom was not pleased when he decided to go back to Philadelphia to pursue his dream of becoming a songwriter.

When he was growing in Philly, Guordan sang in the choir and played trumpet in the school band. Pursuing music helped him to find himself. He always knew he wanted to be successful and change his family’s life in the process. We talked about what the school music program meant to his development and about how he wants to support programs that bring music education to young people. After he moved back to Philly, his family wanted him to get a “real” job, like the one he had at Geico, but Guordan was committed to a career in music. Along the way, he was inspired by many Philadelphia musicians including Jill Scott and Musiq Soulchild.

We talked about his first big break. It came when he wrote a song for the Haitian Earthquake Relief Effort and put it on iTunes. Someone from Sony ATV heard it, contacted him and offered him a contract and from there he started to work with artists like John Legend, Kanye West and Akon. He actually started out as a songwriter but today is doing what he believes he was born to do. Guordan says he believes it’s important for him to be unpopular and by that he means to do the opposite of what the crowd does.

Guordan is an old soul with an old school philosophy that is refreshing. He believes we need more respect in the world today. His Mom is a minister. He says he hated that growing up but he appreciates it now. He has more to thank his family for than his values. He comes from musical DNA. His Grandfather played organ, his Grandmother was a jazz singer and his siblings sing, as does his nine year old nephew who blows everybody away.

We talked about his musical influences. Guordan says it’s hard to name one favorite but his list includes Donny Hathaway, Nina Simone and Marvin Gaye. We also discussed his unique name (which is pronounced Jore-DAN)

Finally we looked ahead as I asked him where he sees himself in the next five years. Guordan hopes to be able to help others to establish careers in music. He looks up to people like Russell Simmons and Babyface and LA Reid, who won their own labels. He is laying the foundation now and we believe there are many more good things to come for Guordan Banks.

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