Alternatives To Eating All Day On Thanksgiving

Even if you don’t know a soul in town there are a lot of ways to meet people and share Thanksgiving. has some great ideas.

  1. Help out the local Meals on Wheels in your area or serve dinner at a shelter nearby.
  2. Run a Turkey Trot, usually they benefit various charities, a lot of fun
  3. Invite someone to your feast who you know has no place to go.
  4. Remember, a lot of people have to work on the holiday so why not drop by the fire dept or police station and take them some dessert or flowers and thank them.
  5. Visit a hospital, but call ahead to arrange.
  6. If you don’t like hospitals, visit a retirement home again call first.
  7. and you can always just pick up the phone and thank someone you’ve been meaning to call.
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