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Pharrell Snagged Miley Cyrus for ‘Come Get It Bae’ Video: Watch

If there is one truism about Pharrell, it is that he likes all kinds of women. It’s what motivates him to write songs about them and identify beauty in all the colors of the rainbow (tip of the cap to tasting the Skittle and guessing the riddle). His album G I R L aims to take on that subject and if his intentions aren’t always clear in the lyrics, he’s making every attempt to be clear in his videos.

And so, for “Come Get It Bae,” we get a message from the women’s movement: the personal is political.

Whether you buy into the Dove commercials, finding unseen beauty in women, or not, that is the same concept Pharrell and director Luis Cervero (Justice, Battles) are tapping into for this video’s concept.

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It’s a powerful message the endorse the attractiveness and sexuality of women of varied ages, colors and sizes. “The personal is political” tapes into a key component of the ’60s women’s liberation movement, where women began talking out loud to each other about their feelings of repression and it helped them realize they weren’t isolated problems but part of a movement. Today a huge part of “the personal is political” is women talking to other women about the male gaze, aging and beauty standards.



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