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Watch This Kid Dance Like Michael Jackson At His Talent Show

By Nadia Noir

No one can really top the silky-smooth moves of the late, great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, but this kid sure did a great job trying.

A Pitman High School junior named Brett Nichols threw his hat in the ring (and a facsimile of Michael Jackson’s from the “Billie Jean” video) and did an amazing rendition of Jackson’s iconic dance moves at his school’s talent show.

He did such a great job that his school’s talent show video went viral. The video shows snippets of performances from other contestants,but Nichols shows up at 1:11 minutes in and shuts it down. Did he end up winning his talent show? Of course. Those judges weren’t crazy. This kid has talent.

A talent so great that after being posted on Reddit, Nichols’ version of Jackson’s moves received 5.3 million views by Thursday morning.

Check out Nichols in the video above.

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