Jermaine Jackson Accused of Hoarding On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

By Nadia Noir

Who knew Jermaine Jackson was such a diva when it came to his clothing? The Jackson brother appeared on the season premiere of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap and was met with criticism about his clothing hoarding ways.

Mad drama ensued when Jackson swapped wives with Daniel Baldwin. Jackson traded in his gorgeous wife Halimi for Daniel Baldwin’s former girlfriend, Isabella Hoffman (wait, we thought this was called “wife swap.” Baldwin was cool with listening to Halima’s advice, but Jackson didn’t want to listen to Isabella.
Apparently, he locked himself in a room and told producers he didn’t want to tape any more.

He was dubbed the Hollywood Hoarder for all the stuff–like clothing and shoes–he owned.

“No way. A hoarder is holding on to junk. I was furious. I was boiling inside because no one has ever said that to me,” raged Jackson.

Watch the clips below to see for yourself if Jackson is actually a “hoarder.”


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