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Jennifer Hudson Says That New Album Is Her “Story”

By Nadia Noir

Jennifer Hudson has had a busy year, but her most highly-anticipated artistic venture this year will be her now unnamed third studio album.

The public has already seen her sexy and steamy new side during photo shoots on the video for “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” with rapper T.I. She’s also recorded her new music with huge producers like Pharrell Williams and Timbaland.

Despite the sultriness of the marketing, Hudson says that her new album is her story,” one that includes the tragic loss of her mother, brother and nephew in 2008.

forget her upbringing, Hudson, who lost her mother, brother, and Nephew in 2008, says this project will also be her “story.”

“It’s my story – it’s me, it’s my voice, it’s my perspective,” said Hudson in an interview. “There’s a song called ‘Moan’ that I wrote, which came from something my mother always used to say, ‘If you moan, it makes you better if something hurts.”

“It will definitely be difficult to perform. Oh my God, it was difficult to record. Because it’s so personal, it was really emotional,” continues the soprano.

Vulnerability looks good on you, girl. We can’t wait to hear the final product.


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