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Up Close & Personal With Queen Latifah: “California Dreamin'” & What’s Next

All this week it’s Queen Latifah week on the Morning Show. Recently I visited the set of her new talk show and afterwards shared a long, intimate conversation with her. Every day this week at about 6:10 and 7:10am, listen for excerpts from our exclusive interview.

California Dreamin’ … ONeof those songs she falls into it everytime she performs matter big or small venue.  It’s such a dream of hope.  Cold and the leaves are brown….visualize when performing.  “It’s such a dreamy song for me. I really love singing it.” People really get into it and love it.

What does the future hold for Queen Latifah?  Well she told us she’s working on a new record, which we’re definitely looking forward to.

Keep listening to The WAVE to find out how you could be part of the The WAVE audience at a taping of the Queen Latifah Show.

See our behind the scenes photos here.

Watch the Queen Latifah Show weekdays at 2pm on CBS2 and then visit to find out how you could win a VIP experience at the show or other great prices including a 55” internet tvicon1 Up Close & Personal With Queen Latifah: California Dreamin & Whats Next and a $2500 cash prize.

Read more of our Upclose & Personal with Queen Latifah series when you click here.

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