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Don’t Miss ‘Book Of Mormon’ At The Pantages Theatre

‘Book Of Mormon’ now playing at The Pantages in Hollywood is a play not to be missed.  I saw it for the second time last night and it was spectacular.

If you know Matt and Trey’s work from the hit TV show “South Park”, then you know what to expect from “The Book of Mormon”; total irreverence, political incorrectness and no group left un-insulted. But it’s all brilliantly done and really hilarious.

It’s an old school Broadway musical with good music, clever lyrics and big flashy production numbers. Be prepared to pay attention because there’s a lot going on in the musical.

If you go, take a good sense of humor with you and if you feel insulted at any point in the evening, just realize that you’re not being singled out.

And I would recommend getting some tickets as soon as you can. They’ve been selling ever since the run was announced and it’s only a 12 week engagement.

The last show is May 11th. Get your tickets at

David Larsen plays the role of Elder Price and Cody Jamison Strand plays the part of Elder Cunningham, who I think has the best part in the whole play.  I asked them what they loved most about their jobs. “Getting to do this show every night in itself is kind of a gift.”

And why should you see the show?  “You won’t have to do any sit ups because you will laugh so hard.”

Listen to my full interview with them below:

Book of Mormon Interview with David Larsen & Cody Jamison

David Larsen & Cody Jamison Strand talk about the success of the show:

Book of Mormon Interview 1 with David Larsen & Cody Jamison

What it’s like for them to do 8 shows a week:

Book of Mormon Interview 2 with David Larsen & Cody Jamison

On David & Cody’s career paths:

Book of Mormon Interview 3 with David Larsen & Cody Jamison

A really cool way to get discount tickets:

Book of Mormon Interview 4 with David Larsen & Cody Jamison

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