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The WAVE’s Christmas Dream Winner 8

Patty Claus is making WAVE listeners’ Christmas Dreams come true this holiday season, courtesy of Bank of the West!

Today’s Christmas Dream winner is Janet B., whose dream this Christmas is to give her father a brand new TV for his room after coming home from the hospital.

“He is a very independent man all his life,” she said. “When we got him home, I had to stop working to take care of him. And right now he wants a 40 inch television set for his room and I can’t afford it.”

After seeing the contest for The WAVE’s Christmas Dream, Janet said “let me see if I can make his dream come true,” and left a message for Patty Claus.

Patty Claus heard Janet’s message and is in fact making her father’s dream come true this Christmas! The WAVE and Bank of the West is giving Janet $400 to buy her dad that 40 flat screen TV.

Listen to the entire call below.

Christmas Dream winner 8

Patty Claus is still taking your calls and will be granting the best Christmas Dreams at 7:30 a.m. daily this week and next. To leave your message for Patty Claus, call our special hotline: 1-855-999-5898. Click here for more details and contest rules.

Listen to all of The WAVE’s Christmas Dream winners here.

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