How Did You Celebrate National Cat Day?

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Photo: Deborah Howell

Photo: Deborah Howell

Deborah-Howell-Carousel Deborah Howell
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So yesterday was National Cat Day, and one of my cats, Pluto, spent it all collared up. He’d been in a cat fight the night before so I took him to the vet, who cleaned him up and gave him this lovely fall fashion accessory to rock.

It took him 12 hours to figure out how to take it off, but he did it–clever kitty. And although he HATES it when I give him his anti-biotics via eyedropper, he puts up with it because he trusts me. (And because I give him a treat afterwards.)

In my eyes, he’s the cat’s pajamas, and I am hopelessly in love with him with or without his collar. How did YOU celebrate National Cat Day?

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