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R. Kelly Concert Goers Demand Refund

Imagine shelling out a good amount of money for an evening of live music, only to get to the venue, have the show begin and realize the tickets you paid for are for a fake, not the actual artist.

Well that’s exactly what happened to R. Kelly fans who purchased tickets to see him perform at the Monroe Civic Center in Louisiana!

Billed as a “birthday extravaganza” hosted by concert promoter Ced’s All Black Affair, some fans are claiming it wasn’t a concert like they expected and paid for.  Instead it was an impersonator on-stage who lip-synced several R. Kelly songs.

One concert goer in particular says they were “scammed” and is demanding her money back.  Same also claims she saw performer earlier in the morning that same day at a restaurant.

The party promoter told KNOE-TV he would be giving refunds and said, “I’m sorry. I got duped.”

Though when asked if the performer was indeed R. Kelly, he declined to answer.

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