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National Line Dance Day: How To Do The Bus Stop

The week of Sept. 8-14 is recognized as National Line Dance Week. All this week, The WAVE is here to help you learn the steps to some of the most popular line dances around!

In honor of ‘Throwback Thursday,’ we’re throwin’ it all the way back to the ’70s for our next how-to guide on the disco-inspired ‘Bus Stop’ dance for National Line Dance Week.

R&B group The Fatback Band are credited for birthing the line dance craze with their instructional dance song “(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop,” which was a hit in the dance clubs.

This dance was a childhood favorite of our own Pat Prescott, who says that this is a “perfect dance for people who need instructions” to dance.

The steps are simple; just “Four to the front/Four to the back/Two to the front/Two to the back/Front back” and don’t be shy to throw a little hip-bump to the person next to you while you’re at it.

People, are you ready? Do the bus stop!

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