John Legend Describes New Album ‘Love In The Future’ As “Sexy, Soulful & Hopeful”

To mark the U.S. release of his newest studio album Love In The Future, R&B singer John Legend took questions straight from the fans on his Twitter account Tuesday (Sept. 3rd).

Questions ranged from what his songwriting/recording process was like for the album to guest collaborations and what his favorites are that made the album cut.

To celebrate his album’s release day, we rounded up a few of Legend’s best answers from his online Q&A session with fans today to give you a better insight on what to expect from his latest effort.

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On the hardest part about recording the new album: “The hardest part was just getting the arrangements right. A lot of the songs took multiple revisions to get right.”

On his favorite song on the album: “Probably ‘all of me’ but I love them all.”

On how he would describe the album in three words: “Sexy, soulful, hopeful”

On living up to his name “Legend”: “I knew that the ‘legend’ name would set the bar high. But I work well under pressure. I welcome the challenge”

On tips to overcome writer’s block: “Collaborate/co-write. Also take a walk or drive to clear your mind. Work through the block. Set small milestones u can reach”

On who inspires him: “My grandmother was a big inspiration in my childhood. She was my church organist and taught me gospel music”

On what his next big move will be: “I think an album release, a wedding and a tour are plenty to think about for now!”

Legend is set to head out on a North American tour this fall that kicks off on Oct. 21st in New York and makes a stop here in Los Angeles on Dec. 1st. For the full list of dates on the Made To Love tour, click here.

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