James Pickens Jr. Presents 4th Annual Charity Roping Event

He may play a doctor on TV, but when he’s not saving lives on Grey’s Anatomy, actor James Pickens Jr. is living the laid back cowboy lifestyle.

Having just stopped by to talk about his role in the new Jackie Robinson film 42, James Pickens Jr. also told us about his upcoming Charity Roping Event and how it’s introducing new generations to the cowboy lifestyle.

James tells Pat Prescott that he’s always been a fan of the cowboy lifestyle, having grown up watching all the classic westerns on TV. He later turned his daydreams of riding into reality when he moved to Los Angeles and bought his first horse.

“I love the western lifestyle for as long as I can remember,” said James. “I got my first horse and it’s been a love affair ever since. It’s been a great escape from the craziness of Hollywood and it’s been a great therapy for me.”

His love and hobby of riding horses and roping cattle inspired him and his wife to start the James Pickens Jr. Foundation, which teaches younger generations about this great American tradition.

“We want to create opportunities for this generation and generations to come. We partner with community organizations and also with individuals to try to draw attention to both fine arts and humanities and community service entities,” he said.

James is hosting the foundation’s 4th Annual Charity Roping event, which highlights numerous rodeo events and features real-life cowboys and the top 25 team ropers in the world.

The 4th Annual James Pickens Jr. Foundation Charity Roping Event takes place April 23, 2013 at the Historic Tejon Ranch in Lebec, California and is free to the public. For more information on the event visit www.jpjfoundationroping.com and listen to our interview with James below!

Part one: James talks about his “love affair” for the western lifestyle and taking care of his two horses.

JPJ on his love for the cowboy lifestyle

Part two: James talks about the inspiration behind his charity roping event.

JPJ on his inspirations for making the non profit

Part three: James talks about the impact black cowboys had in history.

JPJ on roping and black cowboys in history

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