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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Sarah Winnemucca

All throughout March, we’re highlighting the accomplishments of women who made an impact on the world in celebration of Women’s History Month!

Native American activist and education advocate Sarah Winnemucca gained recognition for her prominent role as an influential figure in developing United States’ 19th century Indian policies.

Most notably, Winnemucca became the first ever Native American women to secure a copyright, and the first to publish in the English language. Her autobiography, Life Among the Paiutes: Their Wrongs and Claims, details the forty year relationship between her tribe and incoming explorers and settlers.

Here’s a memorable quote from Sarah Winnemucca:

“I have not contended for Democrat, Republican, Protestant or Baptist for an agent. I have worked for freedom, I have laboured to give my race a voice in the affairs of the nation.”

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— Written by Ben Herrera/94.7 The WAVE

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