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The Worst Celebrity Neighbors

Recently in entertainment news, a few celebrities have been getting flack from their neighbors who have blown the whistle on them for being inconsiderate neighbors and a nightmare to live next to.

Pop super star Justin Bieber was just one of those celebrities who has been called out by his neighbors in Calabasas and was even reported for battery charges after a recent altercation. According to TMZ, one neighbor claimed that Bieber was a menace in the quiet neighborhood and was endangering children and pets by driving his Ferrari at speeds exceeding 100 mph.

‘Oz’ star James Franco has also been in the news recently for his distracting lifestyle in his Silver Lake home with many of his neighbors filing complaints to the city’s Housing Authority. Neighbors claim that Franco’s production company, which is run out of his house, is causing traffic jams on the already crowded streets and even leaves rotting garbage out that blows into their yards.

We dug up a few other celebrities (via Yahoo) that are notoriously bad neighbors who are a nightmare to live in the vicinity of. If you think your neighbor is bad, just be thankful you don’t live near these high-profile bad neighbors!

Madonna – The Queen of Pop played her music so loudly in her 6,000-square-foot Upper West Side apartment that an upstairs neighbor sued the singer in 2009 because the walls shook up to three hours per day.

Lindsay Lohan – The troubled starlet caused ongoing commotion at her Venice Beach home at the Chateau Marmont with neighbors complaining about a revolving door of friends coming and going and a circus of paparazzi cramming the streets.

Alex Rodriguez — The Yankees all star upset some of his neighbors by his waterfront mansion in Miami, which is constantly being used as the backdrop for reality shows like the X Factor and even a Victoria’s Secret commercial. While many wouldn’t complain about a sea of gorgeous models next door, one neighbor Miami New Times that film trucks and crews “clogged” up the street for shoots more than one time a year.

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