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Marina Wilson’s WAVE Weekend Inspiration

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As we celebrate Black History Month we remember Marshall Major Taylor; a 7 time world record holder and one of the best cyclists of all time. He always carried himself with dignity even in the face of debilitating prejudice.

It certainly would have been easy for Major to lash out at those who discriminated against him on and off the track, but Taylor never wavered – he just won races. He spoke out against racism and always encouraged black men to attain their highest goals in spite of setbacks placed by society.

This weekend’s inspirational quote is from Marshall Taylor (1878-1932).

“I would advise all youths aspiring to athletic fame or a professional career to practice clean living, fair play and good sportsmanship.”

and further:

“It is my thought that clean living and a strict observance of the golden rule of true sportsmanship are foundation stones without which a championship structure cannot be built.”

—Marshall “Major” Taylor in The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World

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