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Shaquille O’Neal To Launch New Vodka Line ‘Luv Shaq’

NBA star turned entrepreneur  Shaquille O’Neal has announced plans to unveil his brand new vodka line (with what might be the greatest product name ever) titled, ‘Luv Shaq,’ reports New York Post.

Shaq’s new brand of coconut flavored vodka will launch in liquor stores early in 2013, and is both sugar free and gluten free to appeal to athletes and health-conscious consumers.

The new line will be produced by Devotion Vodka, which announced plans for ‘Luv Shaq’ on its Twitter account on Tuesday.

The vodka brand will go head-to-head with another celebrity vodka line, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Ciroc vodka, but at a “more competitive price,” according to Devotion Vodka founder Drew Adelman.

The bottle will also feature some impressive artwork with Shaq himself on the label with giant wings. Will you try ‘Luv Shaq’ when it arrives on shelves?

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