Are We Evolving?

I was in a box store last week picking up a few things for the coming holiday.  Nothing too exciting, but a few minutes into the store and I realized all I could hear was this small child screaming at the top of his lungs.  This child was screaming as if it was hurt… and it went on and on.

So I headed in the direction of the screams  (hey, I’m first aid and CPR certified) only to find a mother and father completely ignoring their child.  No wonder he screams, they ignore him.  I felt so sad for this child to have parents who were more concerned with picking out a frying pan than tending to their child’s own needs.

Why did they have a child in the first place if they didn’t want to care for it? I know you’ve come across the same thing.  A child in a movie theater kicking your seat back for the entire movie and the parents are unaware or don’t care.

I  hear people talk all the time about the younger generation, the under 30’s who feel “entitled” to everything.  Well, I feel scared for the children of the entitled.  Because their parents may have everything, but their children have nothing!

So with that, I ask… are we evolving?  Is the younger generation better equipped than the current one?  Somehow some people feel it’s okay to let their children scream in public or have a temper tantrum in the middle of the supermarket or run up and down the aisle of an airplane because they are bored.

I’m a mom, I get it… meltdowns happen, but that’s when you put on your parent hat and take the kid outside.  Okay, you can’t do that on an airplane but you can do games and watch movies and eat peanuts….ohhh airplane peanuts.   You have to be creative as a parent.  Much more nowadays than ever before because our kids are so advanced when it comes to technology.  But I’m sure you are on top of it!

And that’s it for today’s rant.  Hope you have a wonderful shorty work week and wear your stretchy pants for the giant feast coming up!  Gobble, gobble!!


— Brie


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