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Bystanders Save Jeff Golub After He Falls Onto Subway Tracks

Talk about a close call of a lifetime. Guitarist Jeff Golub, who lost his eyesight last year, was rescued by Good Samaritans after he fell off a subway platform onto the tracks and was briefly dragged along the platform in a train station in New York.

Police said Jeff was pulled up from the tracks just before a train entered the station at the W. 66th and Broadway stop in NYC, reported NY Daily News.

“I was being dragged along the platform,” Jeff said. “I was thinking about my wife and two boys. I was yelling ‘Stop!’ I could see the [train’s] light coming.”

Jeff, who had his trusted seeing eye dog Luke with him at the time, added, “I thought I was going in [an] open door.”

His dog was uninjured and watched from the platform as Jeff was pulled up from the platform. The musician was later taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and was treated for minor injuries, and was even accompanied by his seeing eye dog in the ambulance.


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