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Brian McKnight: Wrote Adult Song Because ‘I Have Nothing Else To Do’

The Twitterverse went bananas over Brian McKnight‘s new ‘adult’ inspired parody song in which he sings about how to satisfy all women called “If You’re Ready To Learn.” The song uses explicit language not typical of a normal McKnight love song, and the reaction and attention from fans was not something he was prepared for.

Because of the worldwide attention Brian attracted from the release of this video, he offered up an explanation as to why he wrote this x-rated song in the first place, saying he really just has “nothing else to do” after being held up in his home for the past month.

Brian appeared on TMZ Live on Tuesday to explain why he wrote and released a video of an adult-themed song that many were shocked by.

He explained, “I’ve been home for a month … I’ve got this boot on my foot. I’m like a month away from Achilles tendon surgery, so I’ve been stuck in the house.” He then added that the song “isn’t for everyone. It’s a parody. I’m having fun because basically I have nothing else else to do.”

“I’m at home. I have a studio. I’ve been a professional songwriter since I was 18 — I can write and sing anything, and here’s a little fun to share with you,” Brian explains.

Brian also states that he plans to release a full version of the song by next week — both a clean and adult version. So now we have to ask…do you think Brian went too far with his ‘adult’ song? Tell us what you think!


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