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Pat & Kim Share Memories Of Dick Clark

All this morning, Pat & Kim are paying tribute to the legacy of Dick Clark and how this radio and TV pioneer influenced and shaped their own broadcasting careers. Listen to stories from their past about meeting and working with Dick Clark through the years!

8:10 AM: Pat & Kim talked about how Dick Clark was one of the first to champion equal civil rights for all, especially in music. He gave a long list of black artists their first major exposure on TV to share their music with millions including Chuck Berry, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5 and Prince.

7: 10 AM: Pat & Kim remember the influence of American Bandstand in music and pop culture and how he helped launch the careers of a laundry list of artists over the years. They also remember Dick Clark’s humble personality and professional work ethic on several shows he’s had his hands in over the years.

6:26 AM: Kim was especially lucky to have spent a lot time around Dick Clark and got to know him very well through the years. She shares her memory when Clark called her up to do a voice over for one of the award shows he was producing. She didn’t end up getting the job, but she remembers a funny and important life lesson he taught her after the experience.


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