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What Are Your Favorite Non/Low-Sugar Food Substitutions?

After the alarming report on 60 Minutes this weekend that sugar is toxic to your health, many consumers had a wake up call as to how much sugar they really intake. With so many of our favorite foods loaded with hidden sugars, we sometimes don’t realize how much we really consume, and it’s hard to find a good non/low sugar substitution of our favorite products that tastes good.

Facing this challenge, Pat came across a low sugar brand of peanut butter and jelly and decided to surprise Kim this morning with her findings! Now we want to know, what are some of your favorite non/low sugar foods that still taste good and are better for you?!

The average American consumes around 130 pounds of sugar every year, which is so much that researchers have gone so far as to call sugar a toxin to our health. An overload of sugar in our diets can lead to complications to our health like heart disease or cancer, so finding a way to cut sugar out is becoming much more important.

But with sugar packed in to just about all of our favorite foods, it’s hard to cut it out entirely, and non-sugar substitutes don’t always live up to taste. Thankfully there are some great low-sugar brands out there that don’t sacrifice taste or our health, like this peanut butter and jelly!

Tell Pat & Kim some of your favorite non/low sugar brands of food and we’ll spread the word on these healthy options!


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