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Sade Releasing ‘Bring Me Home’ Live Concert DVD/CD

Wish you could relive the magic felt during Sade‘s big return to the live stage last year? Soon you’ll be able to own a visual keepsake of what has been hailed as the “concert of the year” in 2011 in your very own home!

Sade is releasing a live concert DVD titled Bring Me Home showcasing her first live performances in over 10 years in support of her album, Soldier Of Love, so fans can re-watch her amazing live show all over again!

Sade and her band made their anticipated return to the live stage for the first time in a decade for one of 2011’s top ten highest grossing tours. Now, fans can bring home the magic of the visually-stunning production and hear 22 of Sade’s biggest hits on a brand new live concert DVD/CD set, Bring Me Home.

The DVD also features a rare behind-the-scenes look and crew outtakes of events while on tour in a 20-minute documentary directed by Sophie Muller, who also directed the tour production.

Bring Me Home will be available everywhere on May 22nd. Below is the full concert DVD/CD tracklisting:

Live DVD tracklisting:

1. Soldier Of Love

2. Your Love Is King

3. Skin

4. Kiss Of Life

5. Love Is Found

6. In Another Time

7. Smooth Operator

8. Jezebel

9. Bring Me Home

10. Is It A Crime

11. Love Is Stronger Than Pride

12. All About Our Love

13. Paradise

14. Nothing Can Come Between Us

15. Morning Bird

16. King Of Sorrow

17. The Sweetest Taboo

18. The Moon And The Sky

19. Pearls

20. No Ordinary Love

21. By Your Side

22. Cherish the Day

Live CD tracklisting:

1. Soldier of Love

2. Skin

3. Kiss of Life

4. Love is Found

5. In Another Time

6. Jezebel

7. All About Our Love

8. Paradise/Nothing Can Come Between Us

9. Morning Bird

10. The Moon and the Sky

11. No Ordinary Love

12. By Your Side

13. Cherish the Day

  • Sharlyn Williams

    I am so looking forward to Sade’s DVD/CD! What an awesome opportunity to relive a fabulous event! Thanks for the powerful presentation of musical excellence!

  • Victoria

    I was there at her concert and Oh my God, yes it was a great concert. You do not know how many times I had to tell the same story over and over to those who missed it. Now they can see for themselves.

  • Dawna

    Fanstatic, I searched youtube for footage…all horrible so glad to know I will be able to relive and “cherish” this concert again and again!!!

  • Norma Rios

    I was so fortunate to go to her concert with my sis!!! I wasn’t to buy this CD.when is it coming out?

  • Sandy

    Absolutely the best ever. This was a happy night. It was so exciting! She sounded absolutely amazing, the stages were magically beautiful!The band was unbelievable. She is timeless. So, so, so happy I got a chance to see her live. This dvdwill definitely be kept forever! Thank you Sade for your incredible self :)

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