Dr. Oz: Lose More Weight By Having A ‘Cheat Day’

The TV doctor who always has helpful tips and advice to live a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Oz took a break from performing heart surgery to join Pat & Kim this morning to talk about his newest shows you don’t want to miss.

Dr. Oz shares tips and tricks for the best way to lose weight and help boost your metabolism, including having a ‘cheat day’ while dieting as the best way to shed those unwanted holiday pounds!

Dr. Oz gave the Pat & Kim Show a little preview of his Thursday and Friday shows that are a must-see if you’re trying to lose weight or just want some helpful health tips.

Thursday, Jan. 5th Show: Dr. Oz is covering the topic of the growing concern of Stomach Cancer in America. He’s exploring how this cancer is increasing due to bacteria, how to recognize the symptoms and change your lifestyle before it does damage.

“These cancers are not silent, they whisper to you. They tell you they’re there,” says Dr. Oz. “As long as you can key into them and understand the symptoms, you can change your life dramatically.”

Friday, Jan. 6th Show: Dr. Oz explains the big mistakes many people are making while dieting that are slowing the metabolism down, including not getting enough carbohydrates. One of the smart diet plans to increase your metabolism is something like The Dukan Diet (the one Catherine Middleton used before the royal wedding), which allows dieters to have a “cheat day.”

“We think the best way to increase your metabolism is to diet for a couple days, cheat for a day,” says Dr. Oz. “Maybe Saturday can become ‘Faturday.'”

Listen below for more helpful tips and health advice from Dr. Oz to keep your New Year’s Resolution on track! Tune in to The Dr. Oz Show on ABC at 3 pm to learn more about these topics!


One Comment

  1. Russ says:

    I’ve been “cheating” using Spike Diet for years. Good to see Dr. Oz promoting this lifestyle.

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