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Top Ten Relaxing Songs About Sailing Away On The Open Seas

Pat & Kim enjoying the open air and seas on board the massive Disney Wonder cruise liner all this week, but for all us land dwellers left behind on shore, we can at least imagine unwinding and being pampered on board a luxurious cruise!

Just listen to these ten songs about sailing on the open seas and let the music do the relaxing!

1. “Sailing” — Christopher Cross

The most obvious sea-tune that comes to mind is Christopher Cross’ No.1 sailing anthem. He told The WAVE about the inspiration behind the song, saying “I use the metaphor, because it’s certainly liquid and a nice metaphor, but I always joke that if these people had taken me bowling, it would have been about bowling. But I think it’s a beautiful metaphor…and if sailors have taken to it as their anthem that’s just fine, because it is a very nice and peaceful thing to do.”

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