Arsenio Hall Guest Hosts Access Hollywood Live, ‘Sad’ About Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Rumors

After being out of the spotlight since his iconic talk show The Arsenio Hall Show went off air in 1994, comedian Arsenio Hall has been finding time in between juggling family life and getting some ‘face time’ doing what he loves — making people laugh.

All this week, the groundbreaking ‘infotainer’ is getting plenty of that face time by guest hosting in front of the camera on Access Hollywood Live to deliver viewers all the late-breaking news first thing in the morning. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either, with breaking stories like Kim Kardashian’s wedding, Amy Winehouse’s toxicology results and the unfortunate rumors of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s split flooding entertainment news this week.

Arsenio has been at the forefront of it all during his guest reporting on Access Hollywood Live, delivering the latest headlines in a comedic manner that stays true to his nature, but when it comes to his good friend Will Smith, he’s having difficulty finding a joke in his very public scrutiny of his questionable marriage. Hear more from Arsenio Hall on his current projects and his hilarious take on all latest entertainment gossip and news making headlines in our extended interview.

We’re thrilled to see talk show host extraordinaire Arsenio Hall back on TV and working on new projects to make us laugh. All this week, Arsenio has been sitting behind the news desk of Access Hollywood Live bright and early in the mornings to deliver all the breaking entertainment news of the day.

Covering all on the big news of the month from the Kardashian wedding, the east coast earthquake, George Lopez being canceled and more, Arsenio was glad to have the day off on Tuesday when first rumors broke about Will & Jada Pinkett Smith.

Arsenio tells The WAVE, “Thank goodness, because Will’s a really good friend of mine. You almost don’t want to be in any place that you have to talk about it…this makes me sad, I can’t find a joke.”

He added in his usual comedic touch, “People are probably listening and saying ‘why is he trippin’?’ but what you don’t understand is that in the ghetto, [Will and Jada] are the Kennedys.”

Despite hearing the sad news of his friend, Arsenio is on top of all the issues happening in the world for his guest gig on Access. His day starts before the crack of dawn reading up on the news and prepping topics for the show. We’re all aware that he can bring laughs to the table, but what a lot don’t realize is that Arsenio is a fantastic interviewer and journalist all at the same time.

“I was a communications major at Kent State, but mostly I’m a comic,” he says. “And I guess of comics, I’m a pretty good ‘infotainment’ journalist.”

Now after ending his popular talk show in the ’90s, Arsenio has put his prime focus on raising his 11-year-old son, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of  entertainment entirely.

“My first agenda in life is that of a daddy,” he says. “Bottom line is, whenever ‘daddy’ has some time, I try to go out and muse, because making people laugh is what I really love. I still try to find opportunities to get some face time.”

He’s keeping busy with several projects he’s working on now, including his guest appearances on Access. He also has an Ed Sullivan Comedy Special on PBS on Saturday that looks back at great moments in time and an animated series based off the film Black Dynamite, which features him and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Brian McKnight[/lastfm] disguised as a pimp.

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Arsenio Hall with Pat

We spoke to Arsenio in-depth about his current projects and current events happening around the world in our hilariously entertaining extended interview with the comedy icon!


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