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The Top Ten Longest Running Scripted TV Shows In History

Each and every week, viewers have tuned to these hit shows for entertainment, laughs and drama during their remarkable long runs on television. See the top ten longest running scripted prime time TV shows in history and see if your favorites are on the list!

10. My Three Sons (1960-72) — The show about a single father raising his three rambunctious sons ran for 12 seasons with 380 episodes.

  • Will

    PERNELL ROBERTS got top billing?

  • Will

    Shouldn’t this be BEHIND “Bonanza” and “Ozzie and Harriet” ? All three ran for fourteen seasons but “Bonanza” produced 85 more episodes than “Knots Landing” and “Ozzie” produced 90 more.

  • Will

    I can’t see any current TV network producing a series like this. The name alone is kind of a turnoff.

    “DEATH VALLEY Days” ? Maybe pair it up with “Devil’s Island Tales” or “Antarctic Anecdotes”.

    • Thom Blake Castle

      What about
      Guiding Light(57 years)
      As the world turns(54 yrs)
      General Hospital (49 years)
      Days of our Lives (47 years). T

      These are all scripted television shows and the last two listed are still on the air. Just because they air in the daytime, doesn’t make them any less relevant when talking about long-running scripted television series. It is obvious the author of this segment made the mistake of not considering these shows as valid.

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