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CBS 2 News’ David Goldstein Investigates Low-Income Housing Fraud

david goldstein CBS 2 News David Goldstein Investigates Low Income Housing Fraud

CBS 2 News’ investigative reporter David Goldstein joined Pat & Kim once again to shine a light on a new issue dealing with developers of low-income housing complexes. In his new investigation, David has unraveled the story about a local woman who used $25 million of the state, federal and tax-payer money to develop a low-income housing complex for needy families in the community, but has learned she put up two of her own well-off children instead of making room available for those really in need.

You can hear a preview of this story before it airs tonight on CBS 2 News at 11 p.m. with Pat & Kim’s interview with David Goldstein!

One local woman part of the Los Angeles City Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners has also developed a housing complex for some of the city’s neediest families. There are currently 1,700 families on the waiting list to get into one of these homes, but from David’s investigation, he found that the woman put up two of her children who don’t seem to be very “needy.”

They came across photos of one of the children on vacation in Paris and Rome, as well as photos of one of children’s expensive European cars. Listen for more details about the shocking investigation and be sure to hear David’s full report tonight on CBS 2 News at 11 p.m.

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