Crazy Media Rumors About Sade

When you’re a mysterious global superstar such as [lastfm]Sade[/lastfm], the media will bite at just about whatever they can to get some dirt on that celebrity. Sade is notorious for keeping her personal life out of the media, which only makes them hungrier for information, so there’s bound to be a few rumors and speculations that surface.

Here are just a few rumors about Sade she’s had to deal with over her spanning career.

Rumor #1: Early in her career, Sade had to deal with swirling rumors that she was abusing cocaine, had a nervous breakdown and was dealing with depression because of a problematic marriage. Of the rumors, Sade responded, “I was angry about the rumors–angry and frustrated. You’re never ready for that type of thing; you can’t go to school to learn what it’s like when 20 million people read something about you which is a lie.”

Rumor #2: Yet another drug accusation. According to a blind item run by the Panche Report in 2009, Sade’s disappearance from music wasn’t because she was taking her time working on a new album, it was because she was doing time in an overseas jail because of a heroin addiction and has been a “functional junkie.”

Rumor #3: Once her new album Soldier of Love was released, Sade was instantly thrown back into the media spotlight. Gossip blog TMZ jumped on the rumor mill by alluding the timeless singer may have had some work done to look as ageless as she was 25 years ago. I think they’re just jealous Sade has impeccable genes.

Rumor #4: This is a rumor we want to be true. There have been rumors that [lastfm]Sade[/lastfm] was added to the 2011 Coachella music festival lineup, taking the place of [lastfm]Grace Jones[/lastfm] who dropped out of her appearance. Although nothing has been confirmed by Coachella officials or Sade herself, the addition makes sense since she’s headlining a 2011 world tour to support her latest album.

Do you believe any of these rumors, or is just all made up by the media?


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