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Home Swap for the Holidays


How long have you been dreaming of going on a relaxing vacation?  Now, how long have you put off that vacation because of funding or lack of an exciting adventure that is right for you? Say goodbye to those excuses, because we’ve found the solution!

Get a taste of the good life, after the jump.

House-swapping is a trend that is on the rise, and is increasingly becoming easier and easier to get into. After roughly thirty seconds of searching I was able to find several trustworthy and informative sites about this new vacationing style. I’ll give you an introduction and then let you take the reigns and start finding your perfect getaway home!

House-swapping is a fairly simple process: many brokers provide online services that you can check out, and it is probably best to find a broker that you would like to work with. The whole point of house-swapping is to actually swap houses with someone that lives in a different state or country than you for a certain period of time- it could be a week, it could be months.

How does a two week stay in a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom beach front home in Auckland, New Zealand sound? That’s what of the options at Or maybe a large family terrace house in a quite suburb in London, England? That one is listed on

Now that I’ve given you the mini-scoop, go check it out for yourself! It’s a really interesting, and safe concept but if you’re still not fully convinced, watch The Holiday starring Kate Winslet.

Happy house-swapping!

  • Have you ever house-swapped? Share your stories below!

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