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Alicia Keys Wedding NOT On A Boat


What is known: [lastfm]Alicia Keys[/lastfm] is pregnant and getting married to [lastfm]Swizz Beatz[/lastfm]. What is not known: Despite what you might have read elsewhere, the details of the wedding.

Find out what Keys’ fiancee said about the rumors of a wedding at sea after the jump!

According to the hip-hop producer Beatz, the online rumors describing a wedding on a yacht – and that the wedding will happen this weekend – are way off target.

“People are very creative [with gossip], but it’s cool,” he said. “We have fun with this stuff. [The rumors are that] we’re taking a boat to do this and we’re like, ‘Man, who’s paying for that?’ ”

He also talked briefly about Keys‘ state of mind, with the pregnancy half finished.

“Alicia is definitely one of those great parents-to-be,” he said. “She’s super ready. Super calm. Super glowing. Super positive. Super happy.”

Keys will get some early practice as step-mother to Beatz‘ two sons from previous relationships. The gender of Keys’ first born is still unknown.

“We’re just going to let that be magical,” Beatz said. “Whatever we’re blessed with, boy, girl, twins, that baby is being born to blessed parents.”

[Source: People]


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