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Most Played Songs On The WAVE

spencer day Most Played Songs On The WAVE

1.  [lastfm]Spencer Day[/lastfm] – “Til You Come To Me”
2.  [lastfm]Norah Jones[/lastfm] – “Chasing Pirates”
3.  [lastfm]Sade[/lastfm] – “Solder Of Love”
4.  [lastfm]Paul Taylor[/lastfm] – “Exotica”
5.  [lastfm]Mick Hucknall[/lastfm] – “Futher Up The Road”
6.  [lastfm]Corinne Bailey Rae[/lastfm] – “Put Your Records On”
7.  [lastfm]Santana[/lastfm] featuring [lastfm]Michelle Branch[/lastfm] – “Game Of Love”
8.  [lastfm]George Benson[/lastfm] – “On Broadway”
9.  [lastfm]Michael Buble[/lastfm] – “Home”
10.  [lastfm]Michael Buble[/lastfm] – “Haven’t Met You Yet”
11.  [lastfm]Brian McKnight[/lastfm] – “What I’ve Been Waiting For”
12.  [lastfm]Mary J. Blige[/lastfm] – “I Am”
13.  [lastfm]Jeffrey Orborne[/lastfm] – “Stay With Me Tonight”
14.  [lastfm]Sade[/lastfm] – “The Moon And The Sky”
15.  [lastfm]Michael McDonald[/lastfm] – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
16.  [lastfm]Brian McKnight[/lastfm] – “Anytime”
17.  [lastfm]Emotions[/lastfm] – “Best Of My Love”
18.  [lastfm]Hall & Oats[/lastfm] – “Sara Smile”
19.  [lastfm]Mariah Carey[/lastfm] – “Always Be My Baby”
20.  [lastfm]Natalie Cole[/lastfm] – “This Will Be”
21.  [lastfm]Patti Austin[/lastfm] and [lastfm]James Ingram[/lastfm] – “Baby, Come To Me”
22.  [lastfm]John Legend[/lastfm] – “Save Room”
23.  [lastfm]Michael Buble[/lastfm] – “Lost”
24.  [lastfm]Sting[/lastfm] – “Fields of Gold”
25.  [lastfm]Joe Jackson[/lastfm] – “Steppin’ Out”
26.  [lastfm]Phil Collins[/lastfm] – “One More Night”
27.  [lastfm]Roberta Flack[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Donny Hathaway[/lastfm] – “Where Is The Love”
28.  [lastfm]Rufus[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Chaka Khan[/lastfm] – “Ain’t Nobody”
29.  [lastfm]Brenda Russell[/lastfm] – “Piano In The Dark”
30.  [lastfm]Isley Brothers[/lastfm] – “For The Love Of You”

  • wensi valencia

    Your music is great keep up the good work and more power to your station because I really love smooth jazz.

  • I. Landis

    I haven’t heard Gato Barbieri lately, that song is one of the main reasons I listen to you is the highlight of the day

  • xo - tink

    Love all the Michael Jackson you play. It’s why I leave my radio on 24/7. Love the Janet too. And Stevie, And Bouble. And Brian McKnight and uh, Thick… yes, great too.

    But I could do without the Michael McDonald stuff, ish… to elevator for my tastes. xo tink

  • Boopie Jones

    I love your music. I’m trying to find a song for my sister you played. Album – Reflections, Song – Love Will Conquer All


  • Monai

    OMG ive been looking for the name and artist of that song for sooo long ( Gato Barbieri Europa ) and i finally found it in your reply LOL (I. Landis) thanks so much and just a wonderful hello to The Wave!! I love listening to you guys even though i’m young and love the whole r&b hip hop stuff you guys are still my number one station… i mean you guys are literally the number one button tuned in my car radio ^_^ i love it. Ciao

  • Roger Davila

    Please it’s 1.05 AM today Tue. 03-23-10 and I would like to listen a beatiful song played by Boney James, but I don’t know the name. You guys usually played in the morning. Thanks

  • Lovell Johnson

    There is a newer version of Phil Collins song “In The Air Tonight” that I have only heard on The Wave. It has a slightly faster tempo, with a Horn Section. Can you please tell me what CD this is on, and is it available? Thank you.

    • Crystal Davis

      I read Lovell Johnson message, re “In the Air Tonight”, never heard it before. I’m also interested in knowing about the same version, spectacular!, please let me. Thank you.

  • Lusine

    I was wondering if you could listen this song on youtube… I think it may become popular also.

    Nino Katamadze & Insight – Olei

  • Meme

    I’d love to hear Will Downing, Jr. recordings…

  • Stacee

    Does anyone know the name of the song the WAVE played last month by Simply Red? It sounded like a blues piece. It was played quite a bit. I am desperate to find it!!

    • Doogie

      could it be: if you dont know me by now or holding back the years.
      those two are played a lot

    • Hasan Pasha

      Its Sunrise by Simple Red

  • emanuel elliott

    i love your station. keep up the good work. a dedicated listener.

  • Edrico

    I love the new Usher song you’re playing

  • Nina

    you played a song around 12:00 noon today. It’s more music but my husband and I love it. can to tell us the name of the song/music. Thank you

  • fritzfredzess

    I’m looking for a flamenco style artist frank cashiscou been played this afternoon 3/6/10 around 4 and 6 pm. could not spellhis name axactly but come close as possible.

  • m. naito

    Once in awhile you play Ain’t No Sunshine…who sings that version?

    • Olivia

      you can find it out on google or youtube

  • Karlina

    Miss The Wave soooo much! The Central Coast has nothing to compare to the sultry sounds of Don Burns and Talaya. Listening to radio isn’t the same so I have to get my fix at home via internet. Much love from a dedicated trip-a-day winner and listener ! kp

  • Alexis Palomera

    Hello KTWV! I adore you dj’s! I am hoping you can tell me what’s the artist name and song I heard today on 4/08/10 at exactly 5:07pm. It’s all melody, sort of a 80’s or 90’s sound to it; it was before Stevie Wonder’s song I’ll be loving you always! Please help me!!!!!; I thouroughly looked on the web site but could not find it!!! Thank you guys for your help! Keep it rocking…..

  • gerardo

    im trying to find the name of one of my favorite song u guys play often. it starts with a like in a forest. if u guys can please tell me who sings it ill be very happy. i love to hear the wave.

  • long

    wat was the music that was played around 4:58pm today. it was an instrumental tango type. would love to know the name and band. thx.

    • stella

      i am trying to find the name of that track also! amazing music, thanks.

  • Steve Frazier

    there was a song played on your station at 10:10 this morning
    Saturday 4/10/10, what was the title and who was the artist?

  • Brian

    I am a long time Wave listener. What happened to the “Smooth Jazz”? Why so many R&B songs?

    • wil

      I agree Brian, give us loyal listeners back our smooth jazz station..

  • karless osby

    interested in stephine mills concert benifit cancer concert if u have any info please email

  • Eve

    Love u guys. Havent heard Hello Stranger by Queen Latifah

    • Armando Romo

      I just downloaded the tune last night from iTunes, worth it!

  • Tope

    There used to be a page on this site where you could go to check the name of the artiste and the song title.
    Whatever happened to that page. Its the main reason check out this website.

    • Olivia

      I no! all people really want to know is what song has played and who is it by. They should have a list of the songs that has been played on that day.

  • Carlos

    Love the station, does any one know a jazz trumpet song play last nite Sun. April 18, 2010 about 2:35am.. an old classic..gotta find it…Thanks all.

  • cecil

    I’m trying to find out who sings that version of the song “something” by the beatles that they played on 94.7. I used to hear it in 2009 mostly at night.

  • Olivia

    What is the song that was played on 94.7 that is like super something or something super (as in the tittle). It’s a fast song and I need to know what it is! Please reply

    • Olivia

      BTW it was played to day (4/23/10) at like 5-7:30 (around that time)

  • guru

    Can you let me the name of the song you played saturday april 24th, 2010 @ about 2 or 3PM? Right before ’til you come to me.’ by spencer day. Or is there a list of the songs for that afternoon. Please send. Thanks

  • Sam Sabeti

    Question: what was the #2 song of the week? it didn’t have any words, it was just a song with no singer… I was listening around 10:45p.m. PCT (los angeles 94.7 the wave). Please help!

  • BeBop

    I listen to The Wave alot. In my overall kind of state I seem to be too busy to endure names and put the kind of library together I’d not only like to but would love to own. There is a piece I hear quite alot that has obvious lyrics I’m sure you will recall: “Canvases can do miricles; just you wiat and see.” What is the name of this wonderful message and who is the artist? This message means so much to me. I grow more attached to it everytime I hear it fill my abode.

    • michelle santiago

      The song is “sailing” by Christopher Cross

      • BeBop


        Thanks for the info. This piece is very close to me especially when I endure a canvas of the many in our music loved so much. Must find an image of Christopher Cross to endure as well as part of my love for the smoothest form of rhythm
        on canvas.

  • Jaime Ramirez

    some time ago a purchase a cassette of the wave best hits innthe tape was a Artist with the last name Williams had a hit ..It look like was the second tape from The wave but I don’t remember the firts name or tile of the soft jazz on the tape.. can you help me.. with some info..All I remember it was a lite pink tape.. lost in my last moved… thks Jimmy

  • Lauren Nixon

    I am also trying to get the name of the flamenco style artist..hear it alot..his name and album, please!!! LONG TIME WAVE listener!!!

    • michelle santiago

      Maybe you’re thinking of Ottmar Liebert. I don’t know.

  • Frank

    I would like to request a song called “Ain’t No Sunshine” the Instrumental Jazzy Melody version. Thanks!!

  • michelle santiago

    This reply is to “BeBop” posted May 2 at 8:52 p.m. regarding a song with the lyrics,” Canvases can do miracles, just you wait and see, believe me” The song is by Christopher Cross and the name of it is “Sailing”

  • michelle santiago

    Your station was responsible for having introduced me to artists
    like; Ottmar Liebert, Acoustic Alchemy, Cuzco, Michael Francks, and many others. Since your new format these wonderful artists are ghosts. I am wondering if you wouldn’t consider maybe playing them once in a while. No other station does. Don’t erase my message please.

  • BeBop

    Gee Brian McNight:
    Seems they can’t keep a good man not down but kept for themselves. Didnt think you would be arund forever with all the music to have to offer the worlde. Take care and send us a message through yet another hit song. Want to add you to my canvas library of legends – hah?

    Keep it smooth,


  • walter

    I LOVED when the wave played smooth jazz. It seem that all they play nowadays is all modern pop music like mariah carey, norah jones, santana, john legend, etc…please go back to dave coz, kenny g, steely dan, chris botti, george benson, etc..thank you much

  • Armando Romo

    Saturday 07/17/10 – 9:02 AM

    A song played “Holding back the years”
    Did not sound like Simply Red. Who was that?

  • raydio

    you played a song today around 10:00am, lyrics like this… “stars
    to it, you got to find a way, breakout…Need song name and female artist, please!!

  • Don F

    A morning song – Male / Female duet, very mellow and lilting – “Lucky” is primary tag and theme. Anybody know the name and artists

    • Don F

      Found it – “Lucky” Jason Mraz

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